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Custom Charcuterie Table

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People always remember the food at an event, whether you’re organizing a fundraiser or birthday bash. The Big Custom Charcuterie Spreads will make your occasion one for the books. Watch as your guests shed a tear at the beauty of these innovative 6 x 3-foot (minimum) layouts.

I use only the best ingredients for an exciting and unique spread to best suit the theme of your occasion. Guests will leave no leftovers, so be sure to hide some away for yourself for later - from raspberries to chilies and everything in between. It might sound different, but you’ll be surprised at how well these ingredients match.

 Simply provide me with the details of the event, explain what you require, and I will set it up on location. Each spread is a wonderful personalized addition to your already-extravagant occasion. Every last piece of fruit, veggie, or cheese is carefully placed and arranged with love. The vibrant combination of colors excites the tongue and amuses the eye.

My passion lies in the extravagant placement of nibbles and watching as my clients enjoy every bite.